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Kenpo Karate is an ancient self-defense system focusing on hand-to-hand combat situations. Combining Chinese circular movements and Japanese Hard linear strikes, the students learn to protect themselves against kicks, punches, pushes and numerous holds, as well as gun and knife attacks. Regardless of age, size or shape, Kenpo will help every body to excel!
Sid Gee offers a unique, systematic approach to the accomplishment of Kenpo Karate. Utilizing a combination of private lessons, group classes and fighting experiences, students receive personal attention, peer instruction and situational training. Each providing an important aspect of the complete, well-rounded Kenpo master.

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Sid Gee Kenpo Karate Promo

The Riverfront Times recently featured one of Sid's students! Young Madeline Green (12) is getting an early start in the art of "Kicking your ass".

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Sid Gee Kenpo Karate PromoSid Gee's Kenpo Karate is among the top schools for Martial Arts, combining a complex and powerful fighting style with intuitive and simple teaching.

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Build Real World Experience.

private karate lessonsIn a controlled environment with an instructor or advanced student, students wear fighting equipment and are tested in real-life situations.

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Increase Endurance

Group Karate LessonsThese one hour workouts begin with 20 minutes of stretching and warm-up followed by practicing kicks, punches and combinations. It's a real workout with students from all levels.

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Personal, Customized Attention.

private karate lessons During a private lesson, students learn the techniques, kicks, punches and combinations to achieve each belt level. Students progress at their own speed and ability.

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Free 1st Lesson

Your first lesson and introduction to Sid's style of Martial Arts is complementary.

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Couples Rates!

If you have more than 1 and less than 3, then you are a couple and Sid has special rates for you!

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